About Us

i wonder y Preschool and Daycare, is one of its kind facility that caters to early childhood education for children 1.5 to 6 years of age and after school care for older kids, up to 12 years of age. It also provides various activities for children of all age groups.

Its vision towards providing a very efficient, child-centric, loving and nurturing environment to give the children a wonderful opportunity to learn and explore makes it unique from other preschools.

The school is equipped with extremely well trained and passionate staff, unprecedented security measures and a curriculum designed by experts to cater to the holistic development of children sets the foundation for a successful venture.

At i wonder y we follow a completely child-centric approach of teaching. Every child is given a lot of love and care and personal attention, with tons of opportunities to express, explore and learn, since we firmly believe that happy and secure children will venture out to learn and explore.

A big heart, is what it takes to help shape the little minds, and at i wonder y we have one. We aim to lay the foundation for raising world citizens with a strong value system, who can collaborate and compete in the globalized world.

Our Philosophy

About I Wonder Y

Founder & Director

About I Wonder Y
Riddhi Thakkar

"My goal with this venture is to create a home away from home for the little wonders in our lives. A place where they look forward every morning to come, play, bond with their peers, explore, share and lay a very strong foundation for academic learning, beyond the boundaries of mundane desks and chair approach. A place that encourages the fast growing grey cells to ask questions, equip them to explore and find answers, give a helping hand to reach to the reasoning behind the mysteries they see around.

To give them a lifelong approach to solve problems and deal with unknowns. Also a school that builds a very strong value system, teaches them to be sensitive to others' needs and co-exists with nature. To achieve this goal, I want to build a strong partnership with the parents and family to help instill these qualities in their day-to-day living."

Riddhi had been in the US for over 10 years, where she completed her Masters in Electrical Engineering from California State University and has had a successful career in the Silicon Valley.

She was involved in various volunteering activities for children in the US during this period and after being a mom of a toddler and moving to India, she decided to pursue her love for children as her full-time work. She has been conducting popular children's activities like soccer for tots, storytelling and much more, here in Bangalore.. She has also worked at a premier preschool in Bangalore as a teacher and now she is enthusiastically taking up this venture!!